Drone Training Registration

Thank you for your interest in registering for the Remote Pilot License Course.

Students will be interviewed, and only 10 students will be considered for selection to attend the course. 
Kindly complete this application form on-line, no later than 30 September 2021

POPIA (Protection of Personal Information Act) Disclaimer
  The information requested is required for consideration of the application, will be treated confidentially, will only be used for the intended purposes and will not be released to any third party outside of that indicated in the application form  

The SACAA requires all RPL Pilots to complete a Class 3 Aviation Medical Examination as part of the license. 

Kindly complete the following standard Medical questionnaire, which will be sent to the attending Designated Aviation Medical Examiner, to screen and flag any potential medical concerns. 

Please note that if you have a certain condition listed below, it does not automatically mean you will fail the medical.  Often the Doctor needs to ensure that any medication taken for the ailment is not on the list of prohibited items.

All medical questionnaires will be handled with utmost privacy and highest confidentiality

    Where you have answered YES, please provide a short description of condition or medication taken and the end comment block.

    All medical questionnaires will be handled with utmost privacy and highest confidentiality

    1. Eye Trouble / Operation
    2. Colour Blindness Test:

    3. Spectacles / Contacts
    4. Hayfever
    5. Asthma
    6. Heart / Cardiovascular
    7. High / Low Blood Pressure
    8. Kidney Stones / Blood in Urine
    9. Diabetes
    10. Hormone Disorder
    11. Stomach / Liver / Intestinal Disorder
    12. Deafness / Ear Disorder
    13. Nose, Throat or Speech Disorder
    14. Head Injury / Concussion
    15. Frequent or Severe Headaches
    16. Dizziness or Fainting Spells
    17. Psychological / Psychiatric Troubles
    18. Neurological Disorders: Stroke, Epilepsy, Seizures, Paralysis
    19. Alcohol / Drug / Substance Abuse
    20. Attempted Suicide
    21. Motion Sickness requiring medication
    22. Anaemia / Sickle Cell Syndrome / Other blood disorders
    23. Malaria or other Tropical Diseases
    24. HIV Positive
    25. Sexually Transmitted Disease
    26. Sleep Disorder/Apnoea Syndrome
    27. Musculoskeletal Illness / Impairment
    28. Admission to Hospital (12 months)
    29. Refusal of Life Insurance
    30. Refusal of Pilot or ATCO License
    31. Medical Rejection for Military Service
    32. Other – Please list any other condition/ illness/ injury that has not been listed

    1. Heart Disease
    2. High Blood Pressure
    3. High Cholesterol Level
    4. Epilepsy
    5. Mental Illness
    6. Diabetes
    7. Tuberculosis
    8. Allergy / Asthma / Eczema
    9. Inherited Disorders
    10. Glaucoma

    1. Gynaecological / Menstrual Problems
    2. Are you Pregnant?

    Structure of Course
    SubjectDue DateDescription
    Submission of Candidate Application30 September 2021All applications are to be received by us no later than 30 September 2021 for consideration
    Student Selection15 October 2021Selection of suitable candidates will be done by 15 October 2021.  Successful students will be notified.
    Class 3 Aviation Medical Examination31 October 2021The SACAA requires a valid Class 3 Aviation Medical Certificate as part of the RPL Application.  You will need to make yourself available to do the Chest X-Ray and Medical Examination by no later than 31 October 2021
    Theory Training Online Lectures (5 consecutive days) YOU MUST BE AVAILABLE & COMMIT TO ATTENDING THE FULL FIVE DAYS OF LECTURES22 Nov–26 Nov 2021Subjects covered:  Radio Telephony, Air Law, Principles of Flight, Navigation, Human Performance, Meteorology, Flight Planning, Aircraft Technical & General
    Restricted Radio License Exams:  (Theory and Practical Examination)  29 Nov–15 Dec 2021   31 January 2022Appointment basis: Theory Exam:      To be booked and exam to be written                              anytime between 29 Nov & 15 Dec 2021 Practical Exam:  To be completed before 31 Jan 2022
    Holiday22 December 2021 – 03 January 2022The training school will be closed for a short break over the festive season from the 22nd December 2021 until the 3rd January 2022
    Practical Training  15 February 2022Appointment basis: The instructor will schedule your practical training, from any day after you have passed your Restricted Radio Theory Exam.  All practical training MUST be completed by no later than 15 Feb 2022
    Internal Exams15 February 2022The internal examinations are all theory subjects covered in the lectures (except Radio Telephony), and are written during practical training sessions scheduled with your instructor
    Letter of Recommendation and Final Skills Test  28 February 2022Appointment basis: Our Chief Flight Instructor will schedule you in for a Mock Skills Test called the Letter of Recommendation to ensure you are test ready. Your Final Skills Test must be completed by no later than 28 Feb 2022
    Other Important Dates to Diarise
    SubjectDue DateDescription
    RPL Application Submission28 February 2022Supporting documentation to be supplied to us before 28 Feb 2022: Certified copy of ID DocumentCertified copy of Matric Certificate / Diploma / DegreeCertified copy of Class 3 Aviation Medical Certificate
    RPL CeremonyApril 2022Ceremony will be held in April 2022 – date to be finalised.